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2013 Chrysler 200 Sedan - Safety

200's four-wheel disc brakes with ABS constantly monitors wheel position and brake pedal usage. In an extreme braking situation, ABS assists and pumps the brakes hundreds of times per second to provide maximum braking performance while avoiding dangerous wheel lockup. This helps to maintain steering control, improving your ability to avoid hazards and get home safely. You can't always count on ideal driving conditions, but you can depend on the cutting-edge assistance of ESC. This system limits oversteer or understeer to help you maintain control when treacherous road conditions have other ideas.ESC includes brake assist and all-speed traction control, and is standard on all models.

The 2013 Chrysler 200

Detroit Takes Your Safety Seriously.

Every Chrysler 200 is equipped with standard advanced airbag systems. Front multistage airbags deploy with appropriate force based on the severity of the impact. Side curtain airbags provide added protection for all outboard passengers in side impact collisions or rollover events. And front seat mounted side airbags provide enhanced side protection for both the driver and front passenger.

A Promise to Protect You,
Forged in Solid Steel.

The foundation of the Chrysler 200 body and frame is a solid structure built with high-strength steel. Safety cage construction includes specially designed front and rear crumple zones that are designed to help absorb energy and redirect it away from passengers, helping to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Our Headrests Don't Just Sit There.

The driver and front passenger head restraints on the Chrysler 200 are designed to be "active" in the event of a rear-end collision. These front active head restraints move forward and upward to decrease the space between the headrest and occupant's head, helping to prevent or reduce the chance of injury.

We Protect What You've Earned.

All Chrysler 200 models include theft deterrent features that prevent unauthorized operation and alert you of attempted theft. For example, the Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System allows the engine to start only with the properly encoded key.

In addition, if someone tries to enter your vehicle, the security alarm will alert you by flashing the lights and sounding the horn simultaneously. It also monitors the doors and trunk as well as the ignition circuit for unauthorized entry.