How to Participate in Seven View's Summer of Duck Duck Jeep:

  1. Take a photo of your duck and post it on Facebook and/or Instagram and follow and tag @sevenviewchrsyler and @officialduckingjeepest2020
  2. Add the hashtags #duckduckjeep #duckingjeeps #svjeepduck #duckducksv #svduckingjeeps
  3. For every duck photo posted to social media, Seven View will donate a $1 towards school supplies for students and schools in need within the GTA.
@sevenviewchrsyler & @officialduckingjeepest2020

Summer of Duck Duck Jeep at Seven View Chrysler

Seven View has partnered with Allision Parliament of Ducking Jeeps and for the months of August and September we are ducking Jeeps in the GTA. Ducking Jeeps is a fun movement of leaving ducks on Jeeps and hopefully spreading some joy and happiness for our fellow Jeep enthusiasts.

For every duck that is posted on social media, Seven View will donate a $1 towards schools supplies for kids that need it in our communities. Join us in showing some love and helping kids in our local schools.

What Will This Cost You? Not a Single Cent and a Moment of Your Time

What happens next

  1. There are 1,000 ducks that Seven View is ducking Jeeps with in partnership with Allison and her great organization. If every ducked Jeep posts a pic and follows and tags Seven View and Official Ducking Jeep Est 2020 that means you will have helped raise $1,000 towards school supplies that are greatly needed for some great students.
  2. To top it off, Seven View is also raffling a Jeep swag bag full of Jeep goodies as a thank you to all our friends and friendly strangers who have helped us raise money for Allison's charity
  3. If you have been ducked, you can go to Seven View's website and register for a Jeep swag raffle ticket. The raffle will be held on the last day of summer September 22, 2022.

What Exactly is Duck Duck Jeep?

Duck Duck Jeep started in 2020 in Bancroft Ontario by Allision Parliament. There are many great articles written about Allision and the movement she created which are linked below. Seven View came across Allision's story through some old school internet sleuthing and reached out to her to ask for her blessing in participating in this kindness movement at our dealership and Allison immediately responded and not only gave us her blessing, she also kindly offered to partner with us for our Summer of Duck Duck Jeep at Seven View.

Upon talking to Allison, we learned that she transformed the ducking movement into a charitable cause that provides school supplies for kids all around the world. 30 countries and counting! So, we came up with an idea. In partnership with Allison, Seven View will duck jeeps in the GTA and surrounding areas and for every duck posted on social media, Seven View will donate $1 towards Allison's charity. With the money raised Allison will allocate the funds towards

@sevenviewchrsyler & @officialduckingjeepest2020
#duckduckjeep #duckingjeeps #svjeepduck #duckducksv #svduckingjeeps